Education & Support

Parenting Education

If you choose to parent your child, it is important you have a good support system. The Pregnancy & Family Resource Center offers educational opportunities that address pregnancy information and life skills as you prepare for parenthood, through one-on-one mentoring with a trained client advocate and group classes as available. It is our hope the baby's father will be involved, and he is welcome at the Pregnancy & Family Resource Center.

Abortion Education

Abortion is a medical procedure. You deserve to know the facts about abortion and the documented abortion risk factors. The medical staff at the Pregnancy & Family Resource Center will help you understand your options, discuss abortion methods and answer any medical questions you may have.

Care After Abortion

The Pregnancy & Family Resource Center offers referrals of support to women (and men) who have experienced a previous abortion. This provides an opportunity to receive help in a confidential, group setting, led by a woman (or man) who has also had an abortion experience.

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